Easy No Sandwhich Lunch Ideas

Want some school lunch ideas that are budget friendly? Keep reading

I absolutely enjoy making my girls their school lunches and lately I have been trying to stick to a budget of R150 a week for both girls. Luckily they both carry water to school and that already has halved my budget. When packing their lunch I make sure to shop in my cupboard first before I even think of going to the shop,this helps to keep costs down considerably. I usually just go to the shops for veggies and fruits. I try my best to keep it simple and easy but still fills them up.  This week I decided no bread and it was actually easy sticking to this challenge. It is definitely something I will keep doing because when I do add bread to their lunch the girls bring it back half eaten and that is so wasteful!

Weekly Shopping list:

1 Punnet Grapes

1 Punnet Strawberries

3 Mangoes

1 small bag of cherry tomatoes

1 Pack lettuce

1 small cucumber

1 Bag of pretzel and snack mix

2 Fruit Pouches


Everything else I already had in my cupboard\fridge.

                                Monday – Salad with ranch Yogurt Pretzel Mix Chicken Pops Cheese 

              Tuesday – Grapes Chicken Patty Pretzel Mix Strawberry Salad with dressing Yogurt

                            Wednesday – Grapes Strawberry Pretzel Mix Cherry Tomato Burger Patty

                      Thursday –  Cherry Tomatoes Mango Strips Viennas with Tomato sauce as dip Cheese cubes no a skewer Fruit Puree pouch

                                                Friday is treat day! Mango strips Tomato & Cucumber Grapes Fish Fingers Fruit Stick


So there you have it, simple 5 day lunch ideas that don’t include bread. And I managed to stick to my R150 budget. I find if I put small portions of a few things the girls finish their lunch. The girls both get home at 2 and have another lunch when they get home. So they do get enough each day.

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