Tips and Tricks for School Lunches

It’s back to school which means lunch making is on the go! Read my tips below for packing a  lunchbox and I have included an easy recipe your kids will love!

Lunch box prep:

Do a lunch plan on Sunday and stick to it. So everyone knows what’s for lunch and what to expect.

Give your child a lunch box and bag they will be able to open! They will be frustrated if they struggle to open their lunch before they even eat.

Make it fun, get a lunch bag in their favourite colour or character. I broke the ‘no character items’ in my house and got the girls some colourful lunch bags.

You can make things like muffins, hard boiled eggs and some sandwiches in advance to save time in the morning.

Fruit and veg can be portioned in advanced and placed in Ziploc bags until ready to use.

Use leftover supper for lunch. Mince can be used for sandwiches or pasta if you have an insulated cup.

Do not pack stuff your child struggles to eat for lunch! They will not magically eat it. Introduce foods at home first and then for lunch.


Tools needed for lunch box packing:

A lunch box with individual partitions, I got mine from West Pack Lifestyle. 

A lunch bag, I got mine from Checkers and it has characters to make it fun

Silicone cupcake cups, this is to place fruit and veggies in the lunch box

Small bottle with lid for tomato sauce, salad dressing. You can get these at a plastic shop

Colourful plastic utensils for eating yogurt or macaroni

An ice pack to keep food cold. Place this under the lunch box in the lunch bag.

An insulated cup, I got mine from Checkers, it is a cup for coffee but it fits nicely in the lunch bag

A water bottle

Sistema makes some lovely colourful lunch boxes & bottles. Good quality also

Packing the lunch:

The easiest rule to follow – 1 fruit, 1 veg, protein & carbs. You can have one day a week for treats.

You don’t always have to use bread, substitute bread with wraps, pita bread, muffins etc

Cut fruit\veg\cheese\bread into fun shapes using cookie cutters

Skewer fruit\veg onto a stick and alternate with another fruit\veg to make it fun

Use some salad dressing for veggies or humus for dipping.

Make small portions and use up the food they love.

Try not to do:

Do not pack anything that would need to be thrown in the bin, especially for young kids. They might throw away things that are not disposable

Keep your waste to a minimum

Do not use peanut butter\nuts if your school is a nut free zone

Serve sweets\chips everyday

Easy Banana & Nutella\Peanut butter sushi:

You will need:

1 large wrap

1 Banana

Peanut butter or Nutella to spread

Honey if using peanut butter


Spread nutella\peanut butter on the wrap

Place the banana on the edge of the wrap

If using peanut butter drizzle some honey on the banana before closing it all up

Roll the wrap and enclose the banana

Cut up into small thin slices and place in the lunch box


Do you have any tips to add? 



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  • You have covered the essential basics of what we need … and as always it is good to check with the school on what is and is not allowed.

    Our school is a nut free zone, no yogurts, no sweets and treats and no chips. So I save the occasional treats for after school.

    On yogurts and juices if given best to have this in containers that can be resealed if the kids do not finish in one sitting, this is to avoid a situation where they intend to have the rest later and place it back in the lunch box and cause a big mess

    I’m salivating thinking of that sushi … yum