Feature Friday: The Moisture Factory

In today’s Feature Friday we meet Nyakalo Valela, the brains behind The Moisture Factory.
Tell us about yourself? 
Nyakalo is a mom to three kids, a student, a working Mom, a wife and all sorts of crazy. I am  currently completing my Masters in Business Leadership, I have a full time job and I do my own Manufacturing, Branding and Distribution for The Moisture Factory whilst barely holding on to my sanity
Tell us about your products and how you came about developing them?

The Moisture Factory was serendipity defined. Everything just clocked into place in a manner that even I could not define. Like every great story there was misfortune, opportunity then chance. Without dwelling on the negative, opportunity came in that I wanted my kids to have soft manageable hair and my curious nature meant that I started researching products and how to make them. Chance came in the form of Johann Kriel, a cosmetic chemist who helped the greats like Jabu Stone and Herman Mashaba start their businesses.

He took me under his wing and taught me cosmetic chemistry 101. Cause and effect as well as working with me on my formulations, introducing me to vital people who mentored me and shared their journeys, good and bad with me . I was prepped for the highs and prepped for the lows, it was truly humbling. We formulated the products for 3 months and went through testing for 6 months. It was an exhilarating time but also no money in the bank it was a tough but fulfilling process. We started with the Curl Range and the rest as they say is history.

Do you have natural hair and what is your favourite thing about your hair? 
Yes I have natural hair, it misbehaves at times but I love it and can’t imagine not having it.
You want Mom’s with kids with natural to know…?
Moms with kids, your best is enough!  Strive for healthy hair and nothing else. God created us with coils, if nothing works just let it fro
 Where can one get your products?
Bibi in Kempton park
Indalo Nubian Naturals in Johannesburg
African Qness in Benoni
Plush Luxury in Braamfontein
Where can people reach you on social media? (Click on each icon to take you to the respective accounts)
Watch out for our Instagram Page for a give away on The Moisture Factory ‘Curl Range’ later on today.
**The girls are still using The Moisture Factory Product and we will post a review on the blog at a later stage.
Lots of love and healthy coils

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