Caring For Your Child’s Hair {Free Download}

With an effort to blog more this year I am starting off my 1st blog post of 2017 with a free to download document on Caring for your child’s hair.

I get a lot of messages, emails from people asking about taking care of their kids hair, what to do, what products they can try etc. I created this document and I usually just email anyone who gets in touch. I have decided to make it available to anyone who might be interested.  It includes a sample routine, what to do, some tricks and also some products to try. Please note I have used some of the products I have mention and some I have not so please choose with caution. I have included both local brands and international brands. Please let me know in the comments section if you love or hate this? Hope it helps someone.

Click on this link and save on your computer to download Basic Routine for Kids

Lots of love

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