Product Review – Design Essentials [Pictorial]

This is NOT a sponsored product review, all products were either purchased by myself or won via competitions on Instagram.  I was not asked to do this review nor will I be paid for it. 

I first came across Design Essentials a few years back when we started doing our hair at Candi & Co and have been using their products ever since. I love their shampoos both the Gentle Balance Sulfate free shampoo and The Anti Itch shampoo. I love the tingling feeling when using the Anti itch shampoo and it has improved my itchy scalp problem.

One of the things I love about Design Essentials, is that they are a complete hair range. You will find everything you need in one range from Shampoos, conditioners to moisturizers. So if you looking for a complete package be sure to check Design Essentials out and now they are available at Clicks which is a big plus. I also love how they state on their packing that there is no nasty ingredients but also on this please don’t always believe the packaging, read the ingredients and do your own proper research. I just can’t stress this enough.


Coconut And Monoi Water Curl Refresher:



I recently suffered from extremely dry hair and had to give my hair a lot of TLC and one of the products I included in my regimen was the Coconut and Monoi Coconut Water Curl Refresher, I swapped my normal daily spritz and used this spray twice a day and what a difference it has made as a result I have not made my daily spritz and we use this spray now and alternate with a leave in conditioner. Love the smell and also it does not leave our hair feeling heavy and it actually does what it promises! And the plus is this works for ALL 3 of us and that makes me happy cause usually what works on my hair will not work for my girls. This can also be used as the Liquid in the LOC method. 5 out of 5 chocolate hearts 


Coconut And Monoi Deep Moisture Milk Souffle:


So what drew me to this product was the promise of fixing DULL, DRY, THIRSTY hair. Man did it live up to its promise. I love this product for my own hair and it has left my hair very soft. I’ve twisted my hair using this product and the definition the following morning was unbelievable. This works great on dry hair to soften the hair before you manipulate your hair. This can also be used as the C(cream) in the LOC method. An awesome product with multiple uses. Definitely worth a buy. 5 out of 5 chocolate hearts 


Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion:


Recently started using this moisturizer on the girls hair after realizing we had something missing from our regimen. The weather has been so dry the last couple of weeks, their hair was beginning to complain. Now that I am actually making an effort with our hair, I am realizing more and more how the weather actually does affect our hair. Before I didn’t even think this would be possible. I must admit I had high hopes for this product because I have not been disappointed by any DE product yet but this one did a little. It left white residue on Nini’s hair as a result I was skeptical using it on Miss K’s hair as her coils are much tighter and I should have been. When I used it on Nini the white residue eventually went away when she stood in the sun but had to use the blow dryer on low heat on Miss K’s to kind of melt it away.  That left me a little annoyed cause of the admin it took to make it work. Apart from all of that the product works well, the smell is great and it’s not sticky and does not leave the hair feeling heavy. 3 out of 5 chocolate hearts 


Pictorial on a style we did using the DE products


Have fun with hair, it doesn’t have to be perfect but at least try!

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  • Amazing how much transformation from the fro to the twists. I find these reviews so helpful and insightful, especially because you use these products and have seen the work and magic it does to your hair and your girls hair. I’ve seen so many people with damaged hair out here and all from not using the right products or not understanding their hair. Am sure it took you a while as well to get to where you are but because you loved your hair you were patient with it and took time to understand it. Looking forward to the next post.