Our Story

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Welcome to Chocolate Hair Sisters blog and thank you for visiting!

Chocolate Hair Sisters are two sisters Nini and Miss K.

Miss K

The protector, calm and the older sister. All round sweetheart and sometimes tomboy. Miss K loves reading, drawing, riding her bike and making crafts. When asked to describe herself her answer is always ‘I am kind, I love smiling and love animals’


The baby, hurricane and mischievous out of the two. Nini spends most of her time making up stories with anything she comes across. She loves riding her bike, finding bugs and climbing on everything. When asked to describe herself ‘I am funny, I love my big hair and sometimes I don’t stick to the rules’

About the blog

I am an I.T professional by day and Mom to two little girls by night. I have been a natural for on and off for the last decade. I thought I knew how to take care of natural hair until I had my own kids. The last year I have not been very happy with the service I have  been receiving from ‘normal’ salons. So I decided to take things into my own hands and I now do my kids hair at home. I have basically have had to relearn everything and stop all the bad habits which I thought were good. This blog is about hair, fun, fashion for kids. All posts are discussed with the girls and I write the words for them.