Creating The Perfect Homework Space

We two weeks into the school year and I am trying to set up a homework routine for the girls so that we start the year with a bang! I won’t lie the word homework alone makes me stress out and this year I wanted to change that. One way I wanted to do this is to have a seperate place to do homework. Initially homework was done in the dining room which is next to the tv room and the girls had a habit of turning to the tv even when it was off. So I decided to get a desk to put into their room. When I initially started looking for a desk, I had looked for one specifically made for children but once I saw how small they are decided to get an adult sized one. This was also to avoid buying another desk in a couple of years. My budget for this homework space was fairly limited and I am so glad I found a table in a price range I could afford.

The girls share a room, a small room at that and had to make sure I get something that would fit on one side of the wall. The desk I had initially gotten had a chip right in the middle and I only realized after I finished setting it up! So I took it back and ended up getting a completely different desk as I was not happy with the quality of the other one.

Tips on buying a study desk and chair

Make sure the desk has enough space for your child to move and stretch their feet comfortably.

Make sure your child’s feet can touch the ground when they are sitting on the chair and their back is supported.

Keep the wall in front of the desk clean and uncluttered, to avoid too much visual stimulation.

Choose a desk that has ample storage space for books, stationery and other supplies so that your child does not have to keep getting up for things they need while studying.

Try and choose a desk made of durable materials. Especially if you have a kid who loves climbing on things and you plan on using the desk for years.

Have the room size in mind when buying a desk as you don’t want the desk to take up too much space in the room

A lamp is always a good idea, on the days your child does sports until late in the afternoon and can only get to homework in the evening a lamp will come in handy.

The girls study corner

I had a choice of two desks which I liked the look of and ended up going with a simple desk with a drawer in the middle. I love the look and size of this desk and I think it will grow nicely with the girls. I chose a normal plastic chair and used a fluffy pillow for comfort. The pillow works as a functional and decor piece. I placed their crayons and pencils in small metal buckets. This adds nice colour to the desk yet it is simple enough to not distract them when they are working.  Next to the study desk I put a bench with shelves which serves as reading nook as the bench has a pillow on top.


Tips on homework

Try not to do homework as soon as your child gets home. Let them eat, chill out and then start doing homework

Try not to rush the homework process, this will only frustrate you

In the same breath,set time limits and stick to them. If you are supposed to be doing homework for 30 minutes set a timer and tell your child to try and stick to that time. This will take time to get used to.

If reading a set book is part of your child’s homework, this portion of homework can be done while Mom cooks or be the bedtime story

If your child takes long to finish their homework, chat to their teacher and see if something can be done about this

Unless it’s exam period weekends are not for homework. Reading yes but no written work must be done over weekends. Little brains need a break. ( I know some are not fond of this but give your children a break) 


One thing I have learnt from this whole exercise is I suck at putting furniture together and thankful for the husband for coming to my rescue and putting this table together.

Do you have any tips to add?



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