A Visit to Kiddies Korner Hair Salon

**Please note the girls were invited to review the salon, I was not paid to write this blog post and all words are my own. 

The girls with Mbali, the owner of Kiddies Korner Hair Salon

We were invited to try out Kiddie Korner Hair Salon by the owner Mbali and I was a little nervous cause the girls hadn’t been to the salon in a while. When we arrived the salon was empty, which was good so we just got into it. The salon is kid friendly, has beautifully decorated walls with pictures painted on them and has cars and bikes as seats. Now this was a big hit with Nini, she absolutely loved this and played on all of them. There is also a big TV which had cartoons playing and Nini’s favourite was playing when we arrived ‘Inside Out’ Major brownie points here and she still talks about this.

True curls and Some of the supplies we needed for our cornrows

The girls got their hair washed first and the stylist used Aunty Jackies shampoo.I loved that the girls got to lie down as they got their hair washed, this is absolutely brilliant. The salon chair bed looks comfy and is perfect for kids.  I had assumed they would use conditioner after shampooing and they didn’t, which was a bit of a let down as hair needs conditioner!! Anyway I would have been fine with just conditioner and no shampoo but alas the visit had to go on. Miss K kept closing her eyes while getting her hair washed which means she was having a good time. I loved that the stylist did not rub the hair like what most salons do which causes tangles. She was gentle on the scalp too which was great. After shampooing a towel was used to dry the hair and they went to sit down. I wish more salons would move away from drying with a towel because it is so harsh on the hair. To moisturize the hair the stylist used True Curls Kiddies Curly Grow Butter, we have used this butter and absolutely loved it. It really agrees with Nini’s hair. After the hair was moisturized and lightly detangled the stylist got her tools and starting opening lines for her cornrows. I had requested needle cornrows because they are so beautiful and kid friendly. Throughout the whole styling I kept checking that both girls were ok and I also watched for any discomfort and there was none. None of them complained about it being sore or the salon visit being unpleasant.  Overall the girls had a good time at the salon and were really happy with their hairstyles.



A couple of days after the salon visit both the girls got little white tension pimples on their hairline which indicates the styles were too tight. So as to not cause any further pain\damage I decided it would be better to not take the cornrows out and rather massage the hairline. Kids have tender scalps and care should be taken to ensure they are not in pain. I did let Mbali know  and hopefully this will be passed on to the stylist to be a little more gentle.

How awesome is this chalkboard wall?

Overall we had a pleasant experience and we will definitely go back. Thank you Kiddies Korner Hair Salon for having us over.

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