Low Porosity Hair – How we keep it moisturized

Once upon a time I used to just chop and change products and always wonder why they would work on Nini and not work on K or vice verser and at the time it never clicked to me that they had different hair. Cry with me please, I thought our hair was all the same. Fast forward to current time and we now know more about our hair and I have confirmed that they have different hair types and hair porosity.

Some of the characteristics of Miss K’s hair and why I say its Low Porosity

Hair Cuticles are tightly packed
Difficulty absorbing moisture
Hair takes time to dry

This is how I keep Miss K’s Low Porosity hair moisturized and how I choose the products we use.

I use a shampoo on K’s hair every week. I have noticed that co washing doesn’t remove all the product off her hair and this results in her hair not being at it’s optimal. There are times when we do co wash mid week for the added moisture boost. Otherwise we shampoo weekly. Choose a clarifying shampoo that will remove product build up completely. Please choose a sulfate free shampoo.

Deep condition, we deep condition at every wash day for K. It does wonders for her hair and her hair is always so soft afterwards. Combine the deep condition with heat and you have a winner. I usually warm up the deep conditioner with some water in a bowl and apply to the hair. I then proceed to cover the hair with cling wrap or a shower cap and then put a beanie on top of that. That is called the baggy method(green house method). The heat from this will assist in lifting the hair cuticle and the interior strands will be moisturized. You can use if a hooded dryer or steam if you have access to one.

K’s hair loves water based moisturizers and we use these every other day.Water has to the first ingredient or else I will not even attempt to try use it. I use our water spritz bottle every single day on her and sometimes twice a day depending on the weather. Currently we are using the Nilotiqa Butter, Nilotiqa Detangling Cream and The Moisture Factory Butter. The oils which seem to work well for her hair are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil. One way I have been doing this is to mix the oils in a bottle together and use that for our LOC method. I have a bottle for each child so that I do not have them mixed up. I find this option works so that we do not have much clutter and also I think it would be more powerful to have this little power bottle of oil mix.

Things I avoid completely Coconut Oil and recently learnt we can do without olive oil on her hair as it so heavy and it just sits on her hair and contributes to product build up. One thing I have realised that castor oil is also a heavy oil and I have been using that regularly on her scalp and hairline. I know I need to eventually stop using this but right now the aim is to grow back her edges.


Lots of love and healthy kinks

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  • I think Riri has the same hair, takes forever to get dry and I’ve noticed the product build up also.
    I’ve recently bought the Aunt Jackies range for her( Heads Up Girls Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo, Girls E-Blast Scalp Remedy and urls And Coils Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling), I’ve reduced how frequent I use castor oil because of the product buid up, I now use it only twice a week (after washing her hair and midweek with her plaits). Her hair is still quite dry and I just can’t seem to get it properly moisturised 🙁