Product Review – Suki Suki Naturals Plus recipe for DIY Spritz

This is NOT a sponsored product review, all products were  won via competitions on Instagram.  I was not asked to do this review nor will I be paid for it. 

I got the below excerpt from the Suki Suki Natural website and I think it basically sums up their beautiful range of products

Suki Suki Naturals is an African Natural and Indie hair care line that is
passionate about the healing and restorative powers of natural and
essential oils. We pride ourselves on combining the best ingredients
that Mother Nature has to offer in order to achieve optimum hair growth
and hair health, whilst celebrating Africa’s rich heritage and plant life.

All our products are 100% natural and completely free of artificial
ingredients such as mineral oil, preservatives, parabens, artificial
fragrances, sulfates and animal ingredients. The main ingredient
in our products is LOVE.

From the packing to the products Linda really has made all these with love. I had won the Suki Suki products on the NaturalHair South Africa Instagram Page and I fell in love with them. I love how creamy the Shea Butter is.


Whipped Shea Crème

This is such an awesome product! I love that I can use on my body and hair. I used this on my wash and goes after a recommendation from a friend. And yes, it left my hair soft and left no white residue. I love it when products do what they promise. I love the light scent and absolutely love its dual use. My girls both have sensitive skin and this has worked for them also! You can also mix this with a bit of gel for hold and do finger\comb coils.

Hydro-Protective Hair Mist is suitable for Dry Hair

Between my girls and I we go through quite a bit of hair products and since I am on a ‘don’t buy anymore products until you have finished your stash’ rule, we started using this hair mist. I of course love the smell, I really can’t strong smelling products, so big plus there. One of the things that I love about this product is that it contains Bergamot essence which is said to assist in hair growth. It is great as a daily spritz so as to not manipulate dry hair. It didn’t leave my hair feeling too heavy.

 Miraculous Oil 

The Miraculous Oil contains Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Shea Oil to stimulate blood circulation and faster hair growth, this is like a DIY dream. A mixture of all the good oils in one fancy bottle! What more can a lazy natural ask for. I have been using this to base the girls scalp and also as the oil in the LOC method. Love the dropper also, really easy to drop on scalp and then massage through.

My only gripe with this is the glass containers because of the girls especially cause we wash hair the bathroom which has tiles. Apart from that I absolutely love the way the packing is luxurious and has this classy look to it.

DIY Spritz using Suki Suki Naturals:



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Lots of love and healthy coils.


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