12 Sulfate Free Shampoos Under R100 [Infographic]

One of the most difficult things is finding products that work for your hair that also won’t break the bank, especially in the beginning of your natural hair journey.  I honestly believe buying an expensive product and then finding out it does nothing for your hair is the pits. So below I’ve round up a few products which you can get at Clicks, Dischem and Checkers that I found affordable and easy to find on shelves.

Also finding products that work for you, goes hand in hand with knowing your OWN hair. You’ll learn that your hair will tell you what it needs and it’s critical that you pay attention to what it is telling you.

**Please note I have not tried some of these products and this is no way a review/recommendation. Please do your own research before purchasing a product. I have also not checked the other ingredients in these shampoos, I just made sure they are Sulfate free. The shampoos have been ordered from cheapest to most expensive, prices below.




Love your chocolate hair!


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  • Yay!! Thanks for this. My sister would love this. She did a big research when she started transitioned to natural hair and found the clicks kids one the best value for money. Didn’t know their regular shampoo too was sulfate free too..