Our hair regimen and some tips


It’s taken me a while to establish a routine for my girls that works. I love this routine\regimen because it is easy to remember and also not complicated to do. Keeping things simple is also key because once you complicate things you will be overwhelmed and slack on hair care. When establishing a regimen you need to factor in all the activities you do and the free time you have available each day. In the beginning you going to have to write everything down so that you remember what worked and what didn’t but with time you will no longer need notes.I have no mentioned what products we are using in this post.

Our Routine

We shampoo and condition hair weekly, usually easier on weekends.
For three weekends of the month we use shampoo and conditioner
Deep condition the last weekend of the month
We spritz our hair with our daily spritz twice a day (morning and night)
Moisturise our scalp every 2nd day with castor oil\coconut oil
If hair is left out in an afro use shea butter with our spritz when plaiting hair for sleeping
Style hair while it’s damp
Daily maintenance

Spritz the hair with a spritz (mostly water in a bottle mixed with either an oil, conditioner or aloe vera)
Spritz morning and night very important hair needs moisture, don’t make hair too wet.
Base scalp with castor oil every 2nd/3rd day
Sleep in a satin bonnet or satin pillowcase

Some tips to help

Rinse out with warm water first and then follow with cold water to close cuticle
Always have hair in sections when working with it, makes it easier
Detangle hair WHILE it has conditioner in it as it has a great slip
Use fingers or wide tooth comb
Always work from tips to scalp when detangling
Hold hair at the roots and detangle from tips so to not pull hair
Dry hair using an old t shirt
When hair is slightly damp follow with an oil (olive oil, castor oil etc)
Seal in the all the goodness with a cream
LOC – Liquid, Oil, Cream


If your child is crying stop and try again later. Don’t make kids hate their hair
Don’t manipulate/touch dry hair. EVER
Hair dryers on high heat. Rather use tension method if you must use heat


Lots of love


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